Thank you for being a friend.

I am not even remotely joking when I say it was sad news to hear that Estelle Getty passed away today. I was a big fan of Sophia and her roommates — even as a first grader. At the time, I managed to convince my soccer team to name ourselves after the show, though I’m sure that I was probably the only half-pint even watching the snarky sistas on television. That I’ve managed — in my mid 20s nonetheless— to land in a retirement village not unlike the girls’ pad in Miami is even funnier to me. So in memory of the comedic genius that was Getty, I took a quiz to find out which lovable and kooky senior citizen I am most like. The results?

you are the divorced dorothy zbornack, a substitute teacher played by the brilliant small screen star, bea arthur. you are a sassy and headstrong girl, and you usually have witty, sarcastic comments for the other girls but really would do anything for your friends. you are a feminist and very “with it” for your age. if only ma would stop trying to set you up.

3 responses to “Thank you for being a friend.

  1. I love the fact that Estelle Getty gets you to blog.

    I’m Dorothy, too.

  2. I’m also Dorothy- hopefully without the palazzo pants and flowing sweater vests. I’ve been caught more than a few times watching late night re-runs on Lifetime. Shh… don’t tell.

  3. How did I know I would get Rose…I actually have the shirt from the photo. My sister and me LOVE this show!!

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